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In the tool bar above you will find "art gallery" with differant catogories of art that I have made. If you are interested in a painting, record, print or tattoo, you can e-mail me at tif_tattoo@hotmail.com.





   Tif's Original Paintings

Click Here To Check Out Tiffanie's Original Painting Gallery !!!     


 When Tiffanie isn't

tattooing, she is painting.  


Her paintings are

sold for various prices that are posted in the "original painting gallery".


She uses all sorts of differant mediums such as oil paints, water color, pastels, colored pencils and airbrush but she prefers acrylic paints and  spray paint overall. 




Tiffanies art may be at times a little "offensive" due to mouth dropping nudity

but thats the way she likes it and that won't ever change.





 Tiffanie has various painting styles such as  graffiti, tattoo inpired art, erotic and at times, realism.




  Tiffanie can be contacted:






Tif's Prints and Record Art





Tiffanies Records are a favorite to music lovers and art lover alike.  She prefers using bright colors, spray paint techniques and homemade stencils to create her favorite painted records. At times, she will dip into the abstract styles with acrylic paints and spin art techniques to create psychedelic type records as seen below. Prints and painted records are her best sellers.


Tiffanie has a variety of styles available for print. In the print gallery found above, you can expect to find  psychedelic cities, tattoo design inspired prints, modern chineese art prints, black and white seductive prints, black and white gothic prints and much more... A few samples of prints can be found  at the bottom of this article. All prints are available in 9"X11'' formats and are printed on card stock for durability. This format can easily be shipped by mail.  



 Check out her Original paintings, Prints and  Records in the art gallerie at the top

of the page. If you are interested in purchasing art;





 Tiffanie can be contacted at:





        Tif's Tattoos


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Tiffanie held her first tattoo machine in 2004 and has been in love with the art form and industry ever since. She prefers brightly colored,detailed, bold pieces as well as black and grey with a single color highlight but she does not limit herself to these two styles.  Her past ink works involve a variety of semi-nude women, angels, dragons, erotic-themed pieces and more. Tiffanie prefers creating custom pieces for her customers because this way each tattoo is a lot more personal and uniquely made to suit each individual.


 Tiffanie can be